Enrichment Grant Funds 


  • Core Curriculum Grant Fund

  • Dorothy Goose Krull Music Department 

  • Dorothy Goose Krull Library

  • Dorothy Goose Krull Forensics & Speech

  • Electives/Specialty Curriculum Grant Fund

  • Equipment Grant Fund

  • Harry Goose Industrial Technology

  • Inez Haan New Elementary Teacher 

  • Kenneth B & Myrtle Way Arts & Culture

  • Marlys D Edgar & Eleanor Bunde Grades K-6 Enhancing Educational Opportunities

  • Marlys D Edgar & Eleanor Bunde Agriculture 

  • Marlys D Edgar & Eleanor Bunde Anti Bullying

  • Marty Kranz Health & Physical Education 

  • Miscellaneous Grant Request Fund

  • Student Experience Grant Fund

  • Teacher Experience Grant Fund 

  • Vanlaecken Orthodontic Math & Science

  • WHS Class of 1961 New Teacher Classroom Set Up

The Arrow Education Foundation has endowed and depository Enrichment Grant Funds which will enhance educational opportunities for years to come. Named designated funds have been established by family and friends in honor of or in memory of loved ones and friends, or to support specific areas. Businesses are establishing endowed funds through the Seed Fund option.

Individual donations are welcome for all of the Funds. To establish a fund with the Arrow Education Foundation, please contact the Foundation.

Named Enrichment Grant Funds:


    Dan Albertsen Middle School Education Fund - enhances educational opportunities for Watertown Middle School students.

  • Marlys D Bunde Elementary Education Fund - enhances educational opportunities for K-6 students.

  • Mike Engels Wrestling Fund - enhances experiences for wrestlers and wrestling programs.


    Dorothy Goose Krull Forensics Fund - enhances experiences for debate and interpretation students.

  • Harry Goose Industrial Technology Education Fund - enhances industrial technology education.


    Inez Haan New Elementary Teacher Enrichment Fund - to assist first to third-year elementary school teachers with the visions they have for enriching the learning experience of their students.


    Jason Kolb Enrichment Fund - to enhance educational opportunities through programs and materials relating to depression and anxiety in young people.

  • Rukstad & Collins Forensics Fund - enhances the opportunities of WHS students to participate in interscholastic forensics and to promote their participation in such activities.

  • VanLaecken Orthodontics Math & Science Seed Fund - enhances experiences for math and science students.

  • Kenneth B & Myrtle T Way Fund for Arts & Culture Fund - supports arts and culture programs and experiences.

  • Darwin & Fern Williams Estate Fund - supports school district programs and projects that benefit students.

  • WHS Class of 1961 New Teacher Grant -  Up to 5 -  $200 Classroom Setup Awards may be awarded each year as an incentive for new teachers hired into the Watertown School District  for their first teaching position